We are thrilled to announce we have secured $70,000 production funding for Lucy Durack’s debut web series, Lift, thanks to Screenwest’s annual Elevate program! 

Lift is a 10-part comedy web series created & written by Lucy Durack, Jess Murray and Leon Murray of Platinum Lining, a brand new digital, film & TV writing collective. The web series, set entirely in an elevator, will be an intimate look at the literal and metaphorical ups and downs of artist Olivia (Lucy Durack) and uptight Simon (Charlie Garber) as they travel the floors of their corporate office building.

Lift will be produced by our resident producer, Lauren Elliott, directed by Western Australian Director Zoe Pepper and Executive Produced by Chloe Rickard of Jungle. 

The web series is 1 of 6 projects selected by an expert industry panel to receive Elevate funding from 14 writer/producer/director teams who were shortlisted from 57 applications.

“Over the last six years, Jess, Leon and I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the top producers and screenwriters in the Australian film & TV industry. We are so excited to finally have the opportunity to produce our debut Platinum Lining project! We feel very privileged to be working with Lauren, Zoe and Chloe and we will be forever grateful to Screenwest for making it happen!” said Lucy.

“After producing nine projects with boys, I’m thrilled to be working with my first female writer/director team. Having the opportunity to collaborate with Zoe, Lucy and Platinum Lining is a real coup for Mad Kids as it will allow us to support emerging Western Australian talent and grow the WA talent pool of writers and directors, as well as diversify the Mad Kids slate.” said Lauren.

“Lift is a fun pacey romantic comedy, I’m so glad that Screenwest have got behind the project so that we have the means to bring it to life. The creative team are incredibly talented and I can’t wait to make this work fly when all the collaborators come together. It’s a great opportunity for me to continue to develop as a director for TV and film after directing theatre for the majority of my career.” said Zoe.

“Elevate is one of Screenwest’s prime initiatives to develop the creative and technical filmmaking skills of early to mid-career Western Australian filmmakers. It provides the teams with the opportunity to hone their skills on a scripted short film or web series, that results in a calling card to further their career. Not surprisingly, it was a very competitive round with nearly 60 applications received across the two strands of the initiative.” said Rikki Lea Bestall, Screenwest Head of Development and Production.

With early rumblings and collaborations since 2011, Platinum Lining, founded by Lucy Durack, Jess Murray and Leon Murray, is a brand new writing collective to be reckoned with. The trio have a slate of comedy projects in the works and are looking to produce a number of digital and TV projects over the next 12 months, starting with Lift.

Zoe Pepper is a writer and director for film, theatre, television and participatory gaming. She is a recipient of Screenwest’s 2017 Feature Navigator program – a development track that is allowing her to write her debut feature script, following ten years as one of Western Australia’s top theatre directors.  

We're set to go into production on Lift in Perth in March 2018 and the series will debut online later in the year!

Check out Platinum Lining’s brand new website at